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Appliance Repair Checklist for my Clients in Palm Beach County and Beyond

1.)    Appliances (all in general) – Sounds simple but you need to keep your appliances clean to avoid frequent appliance repair. Dirt, grime and dust build up over time. If you wipe them down daily, weekly, etc it can cut down on unnecessary deep cleanings and in the long run keep your appliance working properly for as long as possible. This goes for small items like toasters all the way up to the largest like your fridge.

2.)    Water heater – this is an appliance that is virtually maintenance free. The biggest suggestion I can make is to never EVER stack or store anything on top of it and cleaning the dust off from time to time with a wash cloth and warm water can’t hurt.

3.)    Dishwasher –you can periodically run your dishwasher empty with vinegar and tablespoon of bleach to remove dirt and residue. Check the dishwasher rack for any scratches, chipped paint or rust. These can flake and are not healthy for you and your family to consume.

4.)    Washing Machine – Keep your washer clean, particularly from detergent which can oxidize (rust, eat paint, etc.). Wipe this appliance down on the inside and trays (detergent and/or bleach) periodically; as much as once a month to once every three months depending on usage. This would obviously be even more often for my commercial clients – as much as once a day! My wife is a fan of the Downy Ball but I am not. If there is any detergent left over at the end of the cycle it can tip over while you unload to the dryer and stain clothes – especially white ones.

5.)    Clothes Dryer – Remove lint from clothes dryer vent and filters. Be sure that all lint is removed. Not only will this help dry your clothes faster it will prevent the dryer from catching on fire! I cannot stress the importance of this for safety reasons, avoiding appliance repair and unnecessary expense for you. I cannot tell you how many times I get a call to clean out venting and the culprit is really someone not cleaning out their lint trap. Lastly, its easy to slam the door shut on both washers and dryers. I cannot tell you how many lid and door switches I repair annually.

6.)    Garbage Disposal – Pour baking soda down your garbage disposal with water. This will loosen food particles that are stuck. Add lemon juice to cut down on bad smells.

7.)    Stovetops – Remove all grease as often as possible. My wife recommends Clorox Greenwise for this task and claims that a little goes a long way. For glass top stoves I personally recommend Cerama Bryte and a scratch pad to keep it looking new.

8.)    Oven – There is no One Size Fits All to stove maintenance. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual. There are various methods to clean your particular appliance whether it is a traditional vs. convection vs. gas stove. For example: some self cleaning ovens DO NOT ALLOW the use of any cleaners – EVER. Be sure to follow the instructions clearly on both the product and user’s manual of your stove to yield the best results.

9.) Microwave – Also vertiually maintenance free but one tip I would like to provide is to clean, insert a cup of water and heat for 30 to 40 seconds. Remove cup and wipe away food residue with a washcloth or sponge. No need for harsh chemicals that shouldn’t be around your food. For a deeper clean use warm water and soap.

10.)  Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors – In the case that you don’t utilize any of my advice at least you will be notified when your appliances catch on fire due to your neglect. But seriously, test and replace batteries for gas and smoke detectors. In addition to saving your life it can save your property and that within such as your expensive appliances.


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