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July Newsletter: Hurricane Preparedness for Commercial Washers, Dryers & Appliances

Hurricane season is in full swing. Properly prepping your washers, dryers and appliances in the event of an impending storm is extremely important. We have now begun servicing the city of Boca Raton. Boca is the second largest city in Palm Beach County and certainly deserving of our attention.  Recent statistics have shown that Boca and the surrounding areas get hit with some of the worst storms during hurricane season.  Roger Dean Appliance Repair has made it a priority assist the residents and businesses of Boca with all of their commercial appliance issues.
In an effort to minimize the potential damage (i.e. electrical damage caused from outages and surges) I offer the following service:
For a flat fee of $75 I will come the day prior of the impending storm to shut down your operating system and return the following day after the storm to bring you back into running order. While there I will also check for any damage that may have occurred. A shut down can avoid higher costs later for unnecessary repairs; a $75 fee can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Please call me if you are unsure whether or not your laundry set up would benefit from this type of shut down. Please contact me early as there are many of my commercial accounts, particularly dry cleaners, salons, hotels and resorts that will require this service. I want to ensure I have enough time to get to all of my Palm Beach County customers.
We just want to stress that we are so proud to add the Boca Raton area more heavily on our daily call list. We truly appreciate the patronage of our Boca Raton clients. Even if you just have a question about how to protect your appliances this hurricane season please don’t hesitate to call us today!  
Boca Raton Appliance Repair
Your Boca Raton Appliance Repair Specialists for the upcoming hurricane season are just a phone call/email away!

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