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Thank You Palm Beach County

We just wanted to thank you to all of our customers for helping us grow our business into what it is today.  It has been an amazing journey and we are so grateful to have such great clientele. The pleasure is all ours, being able to come into all of your homes and meet new people everyday; our customers are some of the nicest, most courteous people that are out there, and we want to thank you for your business!

This months tip is geared towards dishwashers not cleaning your dishes the way it used to, follow the following steps for best results:

1. Make sure it is getting enough water – double check that the water shut off valve is in the open position.  If there is still no water, the issue may be that there is a faulty water valve, in which case we will need to replace it.

2. If there is not enough water coming out, your dishes will not be clean – this can be caused by your valve being partially closed.

3. Sometimes there are 2-3 spray arms inside, make sure there is no food or plastic blocking these holes in the spray arms.  They need to be able to spray in order to work!

4. Temperature – for best results, the water should be set to 125 degrees F coming into the dishwasher.

5. Soap – If you are only filling up one part of the soap reservoir, see what happens when you add to both.

6. If you are getting a film or a smoky film on your dishes this can be causes from excessive calcium build up inside of the dishwasher.  This is a very typical problem especially in Palm Beach County where calcium deposit is extremely high.

These are just a few quick tips, for more information check out our website and be sure to look out for next months newsletter.

Again, thank you to all of our customers for all of your help – we appreciate your business!



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