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Replacement or Repair ~ GOING GREEN with Your Applainces

boca raton appliance repairWhile replacing the major appliances in your home with new energy efficient is the only way to truly GO GREEN, it may not be a possibility for every homeowner in this economy. And, in my humble opinion, while newer appliances are more energy efficient they may not do as good of a job as older models did.

That being said, today’s major appliances don’t hog energy the way older models do because they must meet minimum federal energy efficiency standards. These standards have been tightened over the years, so any new appliance you buy today has to use less energy than an older appliance. For instance, if you buy one of today’s most energy-efficient refrigerators, it will use less than half the energy of a model that’s 12 years old or older. If you are interested in upgrading your appliances we can assist you. Efficient appliances don’t just save you money- they’re good for the environment, too! The less energy we all use, the lower our demand on power plants, which means less pollution.

But let’s be real, the average consumer in the current economic client cannot afford to update all their appliances with the latest and greatest. Fixing your broken appliance is one step that you can take towards going GREEN in your own way. If you are running a broken or “rigged” appliance in your home it means that the appliance isn’t working at its full potential. Your electricity and machine is working overtime in order to ensure that it runs. This is a huge waste of resources and it will wear on the environment- not to mention your wallet. The cost of repairing a broken appliance could be pennies compared to replacing the appliance or running the broken machine in your home for an extended period of time.

You may think that your appliance cannot be fixed because of how old it is. While most manufacturers and appliance repair companies are not stock piled with spare parts for older models, Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair can guide you in finding the parts you need at a price you can afford. Together we can figure out if a repair or new appliance is the way for you to go. If a new appliance or the cost of the repair is not in your budget we can find you refurbished machines and offer you a year warranty on service. Appliances are built in order to make your life easier and having them fixed and running efficiently is a good way to make sure that their original purpose is still intact.

Don’t let the age of your appliance become a deterrent to getting it repaired if it really needs it. If you are having trouble with your appliances and want to save energy and money on your electric bill, call the professionals at Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair today and let us get your headache up and running.


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