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Palm Beach County – What’s Wrong With Your Dryer?

Boca Raton Aplliance RepairHaving a broken dryer is extremely frustrating; cost, time, and inconvenience… not to mention- you tried to dry your wet clothes and YOUR CLOTHES ARE STILL WET! While I love servicing my clients I dislike it when the client has to fork over their hard earned money for what could be a quick and simple appliance fix. Here are a few suggestions to help you fix your broken dryer before calling Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair.

The first thing you want to be sure of if you dryer does not turn on is that it is plugged in. This may seem trivial but there have been lots of instances when customers call about their broken dryer and the problem was merely that it was not plugged in or that they needed to reset their circuit breaker. Once you’ve ensured that your dryer is plugged in, the breaker is reset, timer is on and the door is shut.

If your dryer is working but the air isn’t heating it may be due to a blockage to the venting. Does the room feel as humid as it does outside? Venting blockage prevents the hot and humid air from escaping. Your clothes will remain wet and your dryer will not work properly. Make sure that the dryer setting is set properly and not on air fluff.

Another complaint we hear all too often has to do with people complaining that their clothes come out wrinkled. This is not a problem with the dryer but with the way the clothes are dried. If clothes are left in either the washing machine or the dryer for too long after the job has been done, it can cause them to get badly wrinkled. If you forgot a load and wish to unwrinkle them I would spray some water in there with a water bottle and turn the dryer back on for a few minutes. This may help. My wife is also a fan of Downey Wrinkle Release.

If you have ruled out all other possibilities then there may be something really wrong with your dryer. The burning element could need replacing. If that is broken it makes it impossible for your dryer to heat. It could also be a number of other things.  Is your dryer excessively noisy? Many dryers use rollers and spindles to support to dryer drum. If either of these components are worn it can cause the dryer to make a lot of noise. Replacing them is simple and you should contact my appliance repair company if you think this is the case.


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