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Save Up to 20% off Labor on Your Next Appliance Repair

I can’t believe it has been three years since starting Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair. To celebrate we are offering up to 20% off labor during our We Love Referrals Customer Loyalty Promo! I am offering discounts on labor for your next service just for you doing what you already have been for the past three years – referring me by word of mouth. Only this time, could you do it online?

Without all of you, and your broken appliances of course, I would not be where I am today: One of the fastest growing local commercial and residential washer and dryer repair companies in Palm Beach County! For your trust in me I give you my sincerest thanks.

Many of you pass my name and business cards to other business owners that operate drycleaners, salons, spas, hotels, resorts and the like. This of course makes me very proud. But what is really touching is that so many of you also pass me on to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. This, to me, is a true testament of how far I have come in achieving what I wanted to accomplish. To be honest, fair and accountable while providing interpersonal customer service, actually listen to your problems and not leave until they are fixed.

I hope and am fairly confident that you are as happy with my service as I am with your continued business. To ensure I can continue to repair washers, dryers, and other residential and commercial appliances while providing you with the best service possible, I need to continue gaining business. You may have noticed we are now making our way well into Boca Raton! I believe the best way to harness and continue this wonderful growth is not through expensive and annoying marketing or mailers but via word of mouth. And online “word of mouth” = REVIEWS.

I write today to humbly ask if you would consider reviewing/rating my appliance repair business in a number of ways for a 5 – 20% discount on labor for your next call. Please, don’t just say “good service” or “on time”. If you could talk about what I fixed (residential vs. commercial, washer vs. dryer, etc) it will be much more effective. Here are some ways to go about it:

  1. – Just search for Roger Dean Appliance Repair and you will see the 5 stars
  2. Google Places for 10% off. This ranks highest in terms of discount because Google Places requires a little effort (you will need to set up a Google account if you don’t have one already)
  3. Angie’s List for 10% off. We were recently added to this rapidly growing business referral website. If you are a member and a current client, please leave us a review
  4. Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair website for 5% off. Simply email me at with your testimonial and I will add it to our testimonials section
  5. Facebook for 5% off. Visit my fan page at
  6. for 5% off. Visit to leave a review
  7. 20% off will be granted for reviews left at 4 or more of the above referenced sites

Lastly, just as my business card says, “We Love Referrals!” You can continue passing those out and if it results in an appointment I will deduct 10% off labor on your next bill. If you need more to hand out, let me know and I will drop some off or mail them to you.

Thank you in advance for your continued support. Please let me know if you have any questions or difficulties so you can get a discount on your next service call!

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