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Calling all Palm Beach County Dry Cleaners

I am happy to announce that I recently became certified to work on Sankosha dry cleaner machines. I was very excited to learn so much and meet Sankosha reps and other local technicians like myself at this day-long open house sponsored by East Coast Laundry – right here in West Palm Beach! Designed for perfection, built with precision; Sankosha’s products definitely impressed.
Although Sankosha is a 30+ year old company based out of Tokyo, they are still considered by many in the United States dry cleaning world to be new on the scene. Established in the States in 1993, they are quickly becoming a major competitor and great choice for the industry professional.
Sankosha manufactures machines to be sophisticated simple for the garment care industry by delivering fine quality and reliability. They have built their reputation based on innovative breakthroughs coupled with user-friendly finishing equipment. Providing the dry cleaning industry with leading warranties and customer service is their top priority.
But not to worry, as many of my dry cleaner clients can attest, I can service your washers, dryers folders, ironers, feeders, separators – ANY OF YOUR MACHINES, no matter what you have in house. I have experience and am comfortable with Ajax, Chicago, Cissell, Curtis, Huebsch, Milnor, Rema, Rheem, Speed Queen, Unimac, Union & Unipress.
As always my goal for my dry cleaning clients in West Palm Beach and the surrounding Palm Beach County area is to increase your production and maintain the highest quality level while staying within your budget.

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