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Chlorine Free your Palm Beach County Pool

You may wonder what Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair could possibly offer you in regards to pool cleaning? And no, I am not applying to be your pool boy for the summer! However, as a Boynton Beach homeowner who cares about the health of my family, an advocate for energy efficiency and the environment and an owner of an alternative pool cleaning system, I would like to discuss some alternatives to the traditional chlorine pool. And with Summer around the corner, I figured – what better time than now?

The fact is for years we have been buying our drinking water in bottles because all of the dangers and illness that Chlorine causes. Yet how many of you think twice about health effects prior to jumping into a swimming pool? In an effort to not only be more “green” but also for various health reasons, many of my residential and commercial clients are turning to alternative solutions.

Throughout history the use of metallic ions has served as a natural purification system for water. The ancient Greeks threw coins into fountains and drank from silver and copper goblets. Pioneers placed copper coins in their barrels of water for sanitation. In the 1960s NASA developed electrolytic copper zinc ionizer to purify the astronauts’ drinking water on Apollo missions.

While the bacteria-killing properties of chlorine are very useful, chlorine also has some side effects that can be annoying – possibly even hazardous. On the minor scale: itchy eyes, irritated skin, bleaching of swim suits – not to mention GREEN HAIR! More serious side effects and health hazards include respiratory issues and asthma. Some studies even claim that exposure to chlorine can lead to several different types of cancer.

Some companies have developed alternatives to chlorine, including other chemicals and ion generators. One example is Copper ion swimming pool systems. These systems use a low voltage current across copper bars (solid copper, or a mixture of copper and zinc or silver) to free copper ions into the flow of pool water to kill organisms such as algae in the water.  

Whether you are a homeowner in Boynton Beach (like me) or maintain a West Palm Beach high rise (like many of my clients) I have some options that may interest you. These options will not only cut or practically eliminate your chlorine budget but, more importantly, create a more enjoyable swimming experience for your family, friends, residents and/customers.

I have multiple options for all my Palm Beach County clients and am happy to discuss them with you at your convenience. Again, I have an alternative system on my own personal pool. This is why I am offering it to my loyal customers. I have grown to love this system and I cannot begin to tell you how much my family – including the dogs, love swimming in our pool without being attacked by smelly itchy chemicals.


As for my commercial clients – let’s face it, when the tourists come to West Palm Beach and to all the beautiful cities in Palm Beach County, they want to feel like they are swimming in the ocean or the closest thing to it. I can help you attain this experience for them. The summer is the best time to convert to something like this so it’s done before the snowbirds return.  

I will not say that these systems are cheap, particularly on the larger scales, but they are not unaffordable either particularly when you consider you will be saving on chemicals and maintenance. Call me so we can sit down to determine if the benefits outweigh the costs, as I am confident they will. In the meantime, here are some additional specs:

Base model features:

·        Chlorine free oxidation and ionization automated system

·        Timed pH feed

·        Timed chlorine backup (optional)


Upgraded model features:

·        Chlorine free oxidation and ionization automated system

·        Automated pH sensory feed

·        Automated chlorine backup sensory feed (optional)

·        Remote monitoring and control of chemical levels, temperature, filter pump operation, lights, and other auxiliary functions via iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC, and/or Mac

**Additional annual to semi-annual costs you can expect are chamber replacement. The life expectancy on an outdoor pool averages about 1.5 years.

We hope to speak with you soon. Either way, I wish you and everyone in Palm Beach County a HEALTHY, SAFE and possibly CHLORINE FREE SUMMER!



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