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Call BEFORE Major Appliance Repair is Needed, Maintenance is Key

Let’s face it folks, they just don’t make products like they used to. From big ticket items like fridges and stoves down to every day necessities like phones (whether cell or home) and heck – even light bulbs! Companies are actually building their products to have a very distinct lifespan. That is to say a short one. It is something we here at Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair refer to as JOB SECURITY. They intend for their products to stop working after a specific period of time so the consumer keeps needing appliance repair through their company.

The claim for this, which is at least partly true, is that the technological advances are accelerating so rapidly that appliance technology of today will be dead technology in five to ten years. The other part of the truth is that parts are cheap and companies are greedy. I can honestly say this is almost true for every appliance in your home or place of business. I see it time and time again with all my clients, whether residential or commercial.

So what can you do when your appliances are actually intended to need repairing? Destined to fail? One answer is to maintain your appliance on a regular basis. If I am at your home or place of business for a major repair or problem I can always check on your other machines if you request it. You are paying for the first hour anyway so feel free to use it up. I also offer a preventative maintenance service for my commercial clients. My West Palm Beach and Boca Raton clients have benefited most from these Monthly PM’s. After all, it makes sense to spend a set amount of reasonable money a month to maintain a machine rather than not maintain it and spend large unexpected amounts to fix it when something goes wrong. This is not to say I have x-ray vision and it will avoid all major repairs forever but my clients can tell you that their major emergency calls and costs decreased significantly once they entered into yearly PM contracts with me.

This is not a new concept. Companies know that many small parts tend to burn up faster than larger parts. While this may not affect the exterior of the appliance, a broken piece could mean the end of an appliance. Many major companies may even require you to keep up with regular, professional maintenance in order to benefit from product warranties. But many residential and commercial clients do not purchase the product warranties anyway due to high or even extravagant prices.

Most of the bigger appliances need to be serviced regularly. Why is that? Parts will degrade; gears will wear down and require reapplications of lubrication and the eventual replacement. Furthermore, instances may occur that require parts of your appliances to be repaired or replaced that are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty, like dropping your appliance in a move or accidentally breaking a part. Many times, something as seemingly insignificant like a loose screw can cause irreparable damage to your appliance. For example, that loose screw can make contact with a microchip and cause little parts to start short circuiting and malfunction. If you are in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or surrounding areas you should give me a call to ensure that no damage has been accrued and that any necessary repairs are made. It may seem like an unnecessary small cost now, but it is better than a large unexpected cost later.

Lastly, I also highly suggest reading over the product owner’s manual and warranty information once you purchase or if you are thinking about purchasing a machine. Do your homework! The warranty can signal common problems with a particular appliance that you can then watch out for. Many times, the user’s manual for appliances will list procedures for general upkeep and maintenance for your appliance yet will lack necessary information regarding getting your appliance serviced. Although many appliance product warranties will require you to get your appliance serviced by either their company or a company they contract with – particularly with higher end or luxury brands- there are a number of appliance service companies available in Palm Beach County that will perform the same service with the same efficiency but for a fraction of the price. For example: Roger Dean Maintenance & Repair.


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